Equipment for newbies with no budget

So we’re exploring the need of equipment right now and since this biketouring thing has been around for a while there is some extensive information about appropriate gear online. Most of the information does recommend bikes out of our economic range though.
So we are in the search of two really cheap bikes that could be used for a long and shifting way. It will be interesting to see what we end up with 😀

Hopefulle we can pitch this whole idea to a nice company that can offer us great bikes for a low price in return for some shoutouts and commercial. Otherwise we have to hope our local secondhandbusiness treats us with good luck. In a capital like Stockholm.. Surely someone must have some bikes to sell.., right?

Additional to the bike we also need some camping-gear. We have attained sleepingbags and some really good isolating sleepingmats through family and now we are searching for a kitchen aswell as a nice tent. None of us are a complete stranger to camping but leaving with an indefinate timeline surely puts some pressure on getting it right.
Since we are starting off in spring/summer the cold won’t be a problem. The difficult part as we see it is, if necessary, getting new and additional gear in other countries, probably with even less money.

Our objective is to learn how to eventually gain an income on the road. Maybe a digital nomad lifestyle is possible even if we don’t know anything about programming. Working along the way might be possible but how does that work?
I promise that when we have left and are on our way, my posts will consist of more confident statements than now. Right now you’ll have to follow our insecuritys and I really hope you do so you can follow us through and experience what we experience!

4 thoughts on “Equipment for newbies with no budget

  1. Linda Reply

    Spännande!! Kan man inte skriva både på svenska och engelska? Ja har svårt för att läsa engelskan samt att ja tappar intresset då. Lycka till!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Åh vad kul att du har hittat hit Linda!! Vi ska göra vårt bästa för att få in information och blogginlägg även på svenska och följer du vår facebook-sida “ChangingtheStory” så blir det ännu mer på svenska 🙂 En massa kärlek och sol till dig <3

  2. Isabell Reply

    Curious to know… have you found your bikes and tent yet? Looking forward to an equipment update 🙂

    • changingthestory Post authorReply

      Amoung biketourers, the Surly Long Haul Trucker is praised as a good qualitybike! We are writing and summarizing our traffic to pitch sponsors for those, otherwise we have no specific bikes chosen. For tent we have found “Outwell Earth 2” as a cheap contender 😉
      Further updates will be provided after our sponsorsearching 😀

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