Camping in Germany

Around 4 to 8 euro per person and around 5 to 10 euro for a small/medium tent. So for a couple with a tent it ranges from 13 to 26 euro.

Mostly there is no wild nature but just a well trimmed lawn. There is mostly no conversation but just everyone minding their own bussiness in their trailer-tent.

The campsites varies a lot as a rule. Some are really not clean and the services as shower costs up to 1 euro for 3 to 5 minutes of warm (and sometimes cold) water.
Others are incredibly clean and lively and the hygiene services are free (as they should?!) And most remarkably, these campsites are more often cheaper and driven by younger owners. The bad ones are usually driven by some old guy who can barely read their tarifs (because no one bothered to print new papers) from the 70s.

Wild camping is not the best idea because of the strict fines. Also Germany is not that much bigger than Sweden. Maybe 2 or 3 times bigger? But the population is 8! Times bigger. Therefor, when in germany. You can walk in either direction and hit a town withing 2 hours. This makes it harder to camp out of range, especially with bikes. And everything is privateowned aswell so they look after their property and protect it well. And additionally to this, hunting is a big part of the country so on season we would not recommend it.
However, with a good camouflaged tent and low requirements. Of course you can hide…! Just wait until 9 o clock or something when the sun Is going down and then just set up behind the bushes along the country roads or something. Get up early and just leave quiet and swift. It’s called stealth for a reason 😉

If discovered, you might try pulling the “stupid tourist”-card and get away after a verbally thorough preaching about breaking the law and some grumpy faces. Otherwise, just pay the fines of about 25 euros. If you break more strict rules like camping in a national park and/or lighting a campfire the fines can quickly become 50.000 euros!! :O It usually depends on the property and the owner and how bad he wants to prosecute you. Better just knock the door and ask 😛

At the campingsite, germans as a rule almost always shower in the morning and it sometimes empties the warmwater so shower at night/evening if possible to avoid cold surprises.
And normal is often to pay the day after when leaving because of laziness (i have no idea?) And one time we actually just left without paying as a protest towards how bad the place was runned. No shower, no electricity, broken WCs, and so on (I think the owner understood because he didnt even bother discussing it). This was also a camping after a camping of almost the same quality where the owner was so senile he forgot we payed and wanted to get paid again. Hell no!

Campinglife in Germany is surely very different from Sweden as in the most countries. If your expecting to meet a lot of people and having a cosy fire to share your stories around you’ll have to work for it, hard. If you just want to do your thing and land in comfy places now and then, this is the perfect place. Especially since they do a lot of camping in germany and the roads between are very nice.

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