When it doesnt really go your way..

Packed and ready with no bikes… This was our situation less than a week ago! We were waiting for our two bikes from a company called ”Stålhästen” wich literally means ”The steelhorse” (How cool is that?!). They’ve had their hands full for the oncoming season and were still willing to sponsor us with one of their bikes so we could fulfill our desire to prove this adventure is possible for anyone! More about the bikes in another post later on..
The thing is that we had a deadline, packed bags but no bikes so we called them, asking to push the delivery and it was okay as long as we picked them up later on the same day. Stressed as we were we went to the wrong store haha! With only minutes we had to run across town to make it in time to their other store. Thanks to their intern communication everything went very smoothly though.

At the same time we also had to make a last-minute purchase because guess who had too much to bring on their bikes?! So we bought this new patent kind of bike-rack to attach the front rear on one of the bikes. Otherwise we would have to leave our food and that was no option.

We got home very late after a very appreciated dinner with a really close friend and some problem getting home. After a night of butterflies and anticipation we woke up ready to mount all the packing and gear onto our bikes and just pedal away, we thought..!
First we mounted all the gear and cleaned the apartment were we had spent our previous nights and then with sparkly eyes we just rolled out our bikes to go. Imagine the disappointment when we realized the mounted gear didn’t work… Either it wasnt correctly mounted but probably it wasnt really compatible with our citybikes [writes the guy who mounted it haha].
With our minireserve backup tools we tried to re-attach the racks differently but with the same results. We had already left the keys to the apartment and were locked out, starting to freeze and hearing our stomachs the day didn’t seem to look any better. Together with a deadline next day far away it all felt hopeless.

Neighbours who passed us by during the morning started getting home and one fellow neighbour lent us a wrench that worked very efficiently after a long conversation about life. We tried to keep our moods up and thought that if we didn’t get away soon we could at least camp 150m away since we had all the gear with us.
We thought that we could walk the bikes to a bike-workshop but with no-cooperating gear we couldn’t move what we had all the way there so what a bummer, idea after idea…
Then came an idea kind of provided by the older neighbour that lent us the wrench. And in the middle of attaching a strap a guy asks us what we are doing and where we are going. Apparently it was Robin Trygg, elected adventurer of the year 2016 in Sweden and the youngest swede on Mount Everest and so on.
Back from a trip filming for his sponsors he brings us the most uplifting mood any person ever could in this situation asking us why and what we are doing. He asks us to send him photos and films along the way before reverting to what he was supposed to do.

So the strap we attached to the rack provided us with the opportunity to transport everything we had to the nearby mall were we rolled in towards the bike shop. What a sight! A freezing couple despite being dressed for what seems to be the coming ice-age with piles of luggage on top of two citybikes strapped from the handlebars to the saddle.
unfortunately not even the bike shop could help us due to lack of time. Hysterically laughing we just went out and bought some snacks nearby, thought of what our old neighbour had said..
The most temporary solutions are almost always the most permanent ones” and determined to get pedaling we adjusted our packing and just mounted straps to everything to get it in right place.

Today 5 days later, this is still the solution we’re going with even though were adjusting our packing as we go..

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