Between two and four months

I have earlier bumped into some science explaining that every big project takes about two to four months to achieve/launch/complete/begin depending on subject. Didn’t think about it so much at the time but now it got my attention and curiosity fully. Stuff is really beginning to spin around now. Big time! I really like it.

I’ve re-evaluated the theory. Two to four months for a bigger project? Putting down some effort in it that is. Not just starting something… I’m trying to remember every big decision in my life or every job and even sports and such. How long before it was manifested as real? Not just the habit or routine but the process of it all. Think about it! A summer holiday, one term in school, biking from Sweden to France on citybikes… etc. XD

That means that we have the opportunity, if we put some effort in it, could launch or complete or [insert whatever] about three projects each year. This is of course nothing special to some people. But if you, like me, have a higher than average need of control (illusion or not), this really makes you count on your fingers.
What do I want to accomplish?

It’s like that movie everyone is copying all over youtube to explain how short life is. A frightful but important reminder of how precious time is.

I, for one, love it. It’s like a well needed push from the lazy illusion that everything is static and neverending. It’s not. Pedaling everyday from morning to evening was tough in the beginning. Kind of easy after a while and now later on it has really taken its toll on us. We are so worn out… but 10 weeks has passed and VOILA! the magic time of two to four months has passed. And believe me, everything is changing right now. Every thought about life just enters the head from a different angle!
We now face different difficulties and some feels unbearable while other feels like a piece of cake. If you want something to happen, give it three months. Really give it three months and see what happens!

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