Germany the summary

Germany, surprisingly awesome entrance.
The best road ever! Just hovering 25 km in less than an hour 😮
Through the most epic forest.
Arriving at a nice camping aswell.

The following days totally broke this experience down and was a big disappointment I wrote about earlier. However the following time just proved us wrong and everything was just so nice. For two weeks at least.We have met a lot of friends, experienced the legendary Daedalus DZ, learned how to fix bikes (everything), and stayed with warm and loving hosts aswell as finding the best most comfortable camping food.

The overall experience of Germany is comfortability.

Even the camping is comfortable, don’t get me wrong (who doesn’t love comfortable camping) but inflatable tents with double cars and and inflatable pool aswell as a TV. I don’t really know what to think.

The food is mostly sausages and half ready potatoes together with beer.
It is so comfortable, and because that was one of the reason we actually left sweden we grew tired of it after three weeks.
If you love the easy lifestyle, go to Germany. We do recommend it. If not, don’t haha.

They also have a lot of beautiful scenery. Unfortunately not quite compatible with biketouring so we havn’t been seeing a lot of it. This is a different area of traveling we will endevour later.

What we have been seeing though is the beautiful farms and agricultural scenery, may sound boring (at least it does to me) but its not! It is amazing and we really got struck by the magnificence of how great the world is. When climbing higher and higher and are able to see for miles and miles and the threes stretches for over 30meters high around you. You do feel small, in a cool fascinating way!
And for the roads, they have a lot of bike lanes connecting some of the cities. But hard to read. Imagine a road splitting up in two. With a sign in between showing an “straight forward”-arrow. Wtf?! Wich way do you go!? With a GPS in the phone though it rarely goes wrong.

The people are really friendly!! It’s almost as if they see you sweating they are panicking because it seems uncomfortable and they want to help you. It means they will go out of their way to help you and sometimes they just don’t understand that this is what we do. This often results in a confused kind of face when we say thank you but no thanks. But really, germans (people) in general are initially very friendly and will help you!

Our greatest and best stops will be Leipzig, because of the history, Dresden because of the people and Eisenach because of Daedalus.

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