Should one do what we do?

Should you? No, just no! We do encourage change in all its means and you will find a way. If you really would like to do our trip we wouldn’t even try making you think otherwise.
Consider this though, we have three gears and up around 25 -30kgs of packing each. Going 120km+ à day with a good bike would spare us a lot of bagage and the money spent on food for more days could go to hostels along the way.
Imagine going just 30 km soaked in sweat with money just enough to buy rice and beans. Sleeping outdoors every night!

We walk as soon it is uphill and now when my brakes are compromised I even walk most downhills, FUN!
This is not a journey of entertainment, I can tell you that much!
Some days of course, it the best feeling in the world! Just laying in the grass watching the ducks in the lake. Or stopping by a DZ when the weather is perfect just drinking some water and watch the happy faces of the tandem passengers.. 😛Other days we really take the time to work out the thoughts of our life. Really doing that thinking. That you rarely do… sometimes really frustrating and sometimes really uplifting with fresh thoughts and dreams.The latest days has been the worst (unsynced with the post date). Broken bikes, PMS, no shower for days, hungry and tired and just irritation overall. For days. And when you can’t even sit down because you have nothing to sit on the only option is the ditch beside the road 😮If you want a change, big or small, just go for it. Do some crazy shit. I mean it, just do it. But do YOUR CRAZY SHIT! Don’t go biking without preparation and questionable gear just because. We don’t recommend it even though we love it XD


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