Why we do what we do!

A more detailed post about why we actually are doing this journey is in its place, at least according to one of our follower 😉 I can only write about my situation and then Clara will write about her, so here we go.
I love adventure, I love meeting people, I love laughing and I love challenges and while one think this would be sufficient to just let go of everything and travel, it is just one side of the coin.

Fear and anger are contributions when it comes to acting on these above mentioned desires! In a time where you can watch the whole world in a display, here we are… No money, no career and our days are passing by. Is it because we are lazy? Not a chance, working around the clock in construction is everything I know! Basicly, we feel stuck..
You probably know these pictures were the message is something like ”were we really born to just work and pay bills?” They really get to me, because I rarely have money nor the time, because I work, to do anything else.

Resources isn’t such a big deal and shouldnt be what we strive for, that’s the words of someone who’s never been without it. Dreading the horrible but inevitable reality of having nothing to eat and nowhere to live chases most of us everyday and keeps us running towards having it all. Not because of joy or passion but because of fear. If we would have it all, we wouldn’t still chase it, that’s for sure! And if you’re successful enough in chasing it all, it will identify you and later on losing an identity is at least as terrifying as having nothing because if you lose your identity, you also have nothing.
So here we are… in a world were EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.. in our small thinking worlds focusing on work and career. In between the rounds it makes us sad and angry but luckily enough anger makes you act. This time we didn’t choose the usual, to work harder, but to try something different. We will infuse ourselves with the belief that EVERYONE WANTS US TO BE HAPPY!

Believing everyone wants us to travel, wants us to experience all we dream about. That’s the mission, to show the world that human kind is good. We all want what’s best for each other as long as we know how! This time we will not strive to wake up earlier and working harder but to build up the courage to ask for company and support in our dreams. And in doing so, also remind ourselves of what our dreams actually are.

This is a journey where we will prove that if you want to do something, you can. Very cliché I know and that’s where we are right now. We will show you that to travel the world, to meet people, to learn something new, to experience awesome activities, to photograph and much much more, you merely need to ask… <3

This is the other side of the coin, passion, love and faith. Faith in our journey and in a beautiful world. Love for people and for life aswell as passion for our accomplishments

Perhaps our experiences are beyond positive but hopefully they will inspire you either way!

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