”A happy person with a sad soul”
The main reason I want to get out of bed in the morning and live to see another day is to drink my morning coffee in peace, contemplate about life and dream about the future. But this lifefire burns bright and strong because of my beloved ones, without them I would stay in bed.

The best example would be my nephew, a six year old little rascal that I value beyond this world.

My best strength is my ability to empatize and this has developed a caringpower that is matched by few. But to be able to use this power I need order and clean surroundings wich fortunatly is my second best strength, to create order.

To make me happy, make me laugh! I love laughing, especially when its with people I enjoy.

I’ve been sad and bitter a big part of my life but do feel that I’ve grown into a person that is happy and open-minded lately. I decided to take charge, and steer my own life even though I had no sense of direction. Despite my fears I took a leap of faith and have since then met the most inspirational lifepointers there ever was. Now I am curious to see how the path I’m on will unfold.

If someone asked me what I’ve had to sacrifice to get here I would say it is time itself. Reading my lifemap has taken me more time then I’d like to be true due to all the dangermarks I want to avoid. I have thrown away the map and I am exploring life more and more.