“It all starts with ourselves”

Improvement is my passion and everyday I strive to get closer to a better and more kind version of myself. Without a meaningful goal like this I’d be lost and I believe that in a cold world, warm acts of kindness never loses.

One of my best strengths is my easygoing attitude among people and loves to laugh. Additional to this I’m very stubborn and would never quit once I got started, but since learning comes easy to me the uphill struggle seldom bothers me. Maybe it comes from the countless nights Ive been watching the starry sky…

Right now, even though i very much value success, money and adventures, my most important experiences involves laughing, crying, loving and every other feeling there is. Preferably with the ones I truly care about.
My priorities lies with my health and improvement for me is definetly involving fitness, nutrition and wellness. This is also my profession and sharing my knowledge regarding this is a big privilige.

If you want to make me happy you should definetly catch me whining about something small. Then you easily remind me of how blessed I am and that I actually have everything I need. Laughing about this realization is the best recipe for my happiness. Also combined with the sun that I miss so much. A life in scandinavia should absolutly be mixed with traveling to the caribbean or south america.

My story right now is changing big time! I recently left something really close to me that I was very attached to. Leaving this was the scariest but probably the best thing I’ve ever done. When the dust settled and I had been through the fear, I realized it was me. The change was always me. The story has thanks to this taken a big turn into the path of being responsible for my own life.