Lets find out how this will turn out

So now is the real ..BOOM! for the journey

The concept is simple:

-no job
-no home
-almost no money
-no specific contacts
-ONE MONTH preperation

…and how far can we go!?
As some of you have noted, we have no apartment after 31 of march. Thats the day after tomorrow!
And we leave around 3rd or 4th of may.
The journey has begun!

1. First of all we have to localize a base of operation were we could gather our gear before we’re off

2. Second of all would be the gear, we have been checking some dreamy gear out but havn’t attained anything yet wich takes us to the next step

3. Sponsors or collaborators! Due to lack of money we need the cheapest solutions yet good enough to take us where we want to go. A nice company that could give us discounts or even gear for free in being praised here on the blog would be terrific.

4. Aswell as getting sponsors, we should get the word out so we are also writing local newspapers

5. Searching for hosts among our friends for the beginning of the journey so we can start off easy

Let’s see what is possible…! 😀 <3

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