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20.000 kilometer trip by bike

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What we are doing!

We are leaving everything we have
… bicycling from Sweden to Australia
… leaving with almost no budget
… exploring kindness
… documenting the experience

We are leaving our jobs, our home and our social network to see what possibilities hides around the corner when we have nothing but ourselves. Australia is a genereal direction where we will be pointing our noses but first out is just getting ourselves a couple of bikes and then we are off.


Our vision is to take a leap of faith and confirm that everything will be alright even when you leave what you cling to the most. And in this experience inspire others to re-evaluete what is attachments and what is passion.

We would like to see a world were feeling alive is encouraged and made possible!

Who am I?

Its all or nothing for me, experiences according to me should be lived out to its fullest. Wether it is reading or skydiving, you do it all the way! You dont kind of read a book, its pointless.. and well, as for skydiving, doing it halfhearted probably gets you killed.

My name is Tobias and I am 25 years young
Others say I think too much and that I am adventurous aswell as very calm
I love music, conversations and avocados

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