Gear check

So, bikepeople… the gear-nerdiest people there is, in my opinion. My general affection for bikes and biking has never gone beyond the feeling that it’s nice, and sometimes even more nice.
Haha, it has put me in some wierd situations and gatherings yet often very amusing. But even I have my “gear moments” and totally understand that a post about our gear is inevitable.

Since we are doing this low budget wise, there shouldn’t be a “wow” or even an “aaah” regarding our stuff but if there is, please notify us about it XD
The links are to different stores and not necesserly where we got it from, especielly since half of it is second hand.

This is our foundation:
2x Stålhästen bikes 3 gears
2x Vaude karakorum
1x Thule tour-rack
2x Vaude waterproof panniers
2x Saddle pad <3

These bikes has definitely kept their end of the bargain regarding “endurance” for citybikes and has yet to reveal their limits.

Our camping gear and other:
1x Robens voyager x3 (tent)
1x Hammock
2x Thermarest sleeping mat (1 broke)
1x Sleeping bag
1x Biker sleeping bag
2x Ordinary commercial backpacks (15 litre)
1x Pump
Waterbags (3 litre each)
Watertap 10 litre
8x Straps
1x Scrubba washbag
1x Trangia kitchen
1x Mini multitool
2x Mini patch-kit for flat tyres
2x Small camping chairs
1x Bike data

In addition to this we have some Exped waterproof foldable bags and of course helmets. Everything else is personal stuff, clothing and food.
And we’ve had too much of that, one of our biggest mistakes for sure. We’ve had 3-4 sets of clothes instead of 2 and we even brought books, like 3 each!! We are still learning and we giving away some stuff when opportunities shows.

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