Sweaty as hell, going uphill for at least 5km we wondered if we were going the right way. Because we saw neither canopies or airplanes. But the GPS was clear and told us to keep going so we did.
Fortunately we were going the right direction and all of a sudden the skydivers came swoshing down!
As soon as the manifest noticed we were swedish they said they had a swedish guy in the staff. I asked who it was and of course it was my old AFF instructor from several years earlier in Spain. I mean WOW! So cool!

Before I got to surprise him with some swedish, the word of our arrival had already reached him. And what a meeting, so much smiling and laughter! Already in the car out to the plane I connected with a french guy who had heard about our checkpoint in France and instantly offered us advice and recommendations for France. We will certainly follow those! ❤
We then got introduced to the swedish part of the place. With a beach, painted trailer, grill, bar and a garden of vegetables. Just look for yourself 😀
We got the word that we could stay here in our tent rent-free for a while and how lucky was that because the next days were raining constantly. UNBELIEVABLE!
Raining from sunday evening until thursday evening without a single break. Raining day AND night! I can’t even remember if I’ve ever experienced that before.
Truly stuck in the swedish part of the off-grid camp and my instructor stuck aswell because of no job. So.. we did some gardening and woodchopping and discussing permaculture aswell as life itself. What a wonderful break!

Sorry to all of you who didn’t hear from us at all that week.

But during the stay we also got to experience bowling in Germany, Clara got to follow me up and kiss me goodbye in the airplane before the jump, So COOL, and also a truly international mix of conversations!

We’ve figured some stuff out about our purposes and out future occupations.

This DZ uses an old papersystem and somewhat old rental gear but a few people really really made our stay feel so warm and welcoming.

A special thanks to my instructor, the pilot, our french friend, the cafe owner and one of the owners ❤

The rainy week living off grid was finished with a german part competition in 4-way formation wich we stayed to watch for a couple of hours before we left for Frankfurt.

Thank you Eisenach and thank you Dädalus, we will surely follow the angels from here on. And Clara is now peeking towards the sky a little bit more ❤

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