German surprise

Disappointment was the word, not for the first day of entering Germany but most definitely the second and third. No English, no cards acceptance, people who didn’t listen to our wishes but insisted of helping, crappy buildings and stores.
Even though we got some positive surprises, this did not overwhelm us with positivity. The following experiences however, our stay in Dresden and our stay in Leipzig followed by and incredible surprisingly good stay in Jena were we got our own room and our host was very friendly just as in Leipzig. Got to know the history of the town very well and was also included in an very old “German tradition” aswell wich most germans don’t even know about. We were even included in their big big secret 😛

What a pleasant surprise!

And the following day was starting with an incredible uphill road for 2 hours. We had to just walk and push. Then we had the easy cheesy lightly down slope all the way to Weimar (a half days biking). The problem?

Claras tyre was f#cked. We tried to fix it in the morning but in totally broke down on the downhill road. How nice? We walk uphill aswell as downhill..

We managed to get to a bikeshop and bought what we needed with the money we had left for the etapp. Just to (with the repairmans help) discover, after three hours work with tubes, chain, tyres and spokes, that my wheel was cracked and would last a maximum of 80 km more.

We truly learned A LOT from this in mechanics with bikes but now had to stay in Weimar. A beautiful town itself but we were broke and tired.

And then an angel of a friend, Bea, surfaces and offer us money so we can afford the nearest schoolroom over the night. Bea, we truly love you and your assistance, without you we’d be sleeping in the streets ❤
And for you Beck, your encouragement totally helped us to not break down in a moment of weakness! We love you aswell! ❤

From there we really had to arrive in Eisenach so we actually hitchhiked the local train for a couple of km to arrive in Dädalus before the evening. And so we did 😀
Germany is totally surprising us day by day and especially after the beginning. Our experience of Germany is getting better and better by the hour.
Maybe it is because you need some time in a place before connecting to it. We don’t know but we do like! ❤


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