How do you know what you want when you dont know what you want

The theme we have been following is this, how do you know what you want when you don’t know what you want. We have a few pointers, a list of ideas that is expanding during our travels and a desire unmatched to do this one thing!

But we havn’t made a decision, we havn’t picked our dream yet.. And for every reaction that our journey is a dream, no its our means to get lost in confusion even if it indeed feels like a dream sometimes. Traveling is a wonderful experience in every different way!

For our Swedish followers, we have written about the topic of goals and striving more than once before. To quickly summary we chosed this topic. Pursuing a dream is easy, as long as you know how. And the know how is pretty much everywhere in the Internet. The hard part is the why.

And if you have no idea where to start, welcome to the club! This is where we were at. We didn’t have a single clue about anything we wanted. Or nah that’s not true, we had some ideas but we didn’t pursue them wholehearted and neither did we feel good. We decided to shake it up a bit to get some perspective and some distance to ourselves. Meeting people and yeah, pretty much what I belive you already are thinking we did.

So what has biketouring taught us so far about this?

-we are truly blessed being able to do something like this
-Traveling is wandering in your minds and with different surroundings you have different thoughts
-being confirmed people want to help you as long as they know what you need and how they can contribute
-dreams won’t differ from any other life, we all have good and bad. Everything else is just a picture on the wall
-you really are the combination of the five people you spend the most time with

If you are looking for the change of your life or just any change and you spend your time in the same place, with the people doing the same thing you usually do. How can you expect something different? From our experience we really recommend that you surround yourself with different! This will trigger a lot of new ideas and get the confusion going on. Once there you will have the opportunity to chose something new. Just shuffling the deck. Knowing and loving what you do comes from a balance in your basic needs aswell as progression and a sense of importance in what you do. This might make it easier finding out that particular thing you are here to do!

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      Indeed a good topic for our generation and geographical placement! I find it truly interesting to read a different point of view of the same topic, will read it ASAP! 😀

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