Just a picture on the wall

After pedaling away the first day a wave of “what now?” swept over us and while focusing on adjusting and getting to know the bikes with all our packing a feeling of confusion lingered on. Maybe this is inevitable when taking big decisions but there is a tingeling sensation of taking lifealtering decisions and not knowing wether or not another option would have served you better. But hey, thats life right? That is what we are aiming for, confusion, questions, another way to contribute etc..

That anxiety and regret that made the cavepeople survive longer, thanks to staying alert and thinking twice (if not 20 times) if a cave was safe to enter or not, is still an advantage in most situations as long as it doesnt get the best of you. Big decisions should, in my opinion, be thought through somewhat to learn from our mistakes. Today in modern society, at least in western culture, a mistake very seldom lead to death and should therefor not be avoided but embraced yet taken into consideration to learn.
However, some people develop and cultivate (consciously or not) this trait to insanity and are forced to reap the outcome.
What we are experiencing is deciding against our instincts and believe me, it is a powerful empowering feeling. Of course there is doubts and anxiety but the feeling when learning to stand strong through it is unmatched.
If you know what I am talking about you are probably smiling in recognition, if not I recommend you to plunge into something unknown that you may fear but you know is safe. It is empowering! and the bigger the decision/fear, the bigger the reward ๐Ÿ˜‰

After a couple of miles the confusion was turned into the fact that we now only have opportunities. Im not saying we are at the bottom (haha what decision would that have been) but we do not have to worry about what we own anymore, since we dont ๐Ÿ˜›
The world is a dynamic place and when experiencing success or even just experiencing getting by we often become static. We use the same strategy to protect our success that we used to accomplish it even though that is impossible in constant changing environment. And to remove what we have come to known so well, getting by, we have to shake it all up!
And now we erased the static motion from the map, left is only opportunities of new behaviour and thinking.

This resulted in feelings of ecstacy and we were happy as kids! Long live the life on the road! ๐Ÿ˜€

Later the same night, temperature was dropping, fast. In may we expect at least a couple of degrees above the zero (celsius). We only have a tent and sleepingbags adjusted to summerclimate and therefor below zero would just be horrible.
And the two first nights were… Almost no sleep just shivering in the cold waiting for the morning and even then we froze. Its not like you are eager to leave the sleepingbag to get packing the first thing you do but at the same time the sleepingbag aint much to cheer for aswell.
In addition to our surprisingly misadjusted gear temperature-wise our bikes are citybikes with only three gears. Pedaling these aint a walk in the park with over 20kgs of packing even though downhill is a thrill in its own ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes we knew that from the beginning since we are aiming to prove this journey we are taking is possible for anyone. No training, no experience, no money –ย  NO PROBLEM!
This has been a part of our vision since the beginning but now its not just a pretty picture on the wall, a pretty dream to take a break from society, now we’re doing it, winging it, experiencing it,

And this comes with ups aswell as downs, anything else is just a picture on the wall.

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