Okey so after some time of learning how to do this blog-thing I have begun meeting a variety of my friends as often I can. This has really had me going and has lifted my spirit a great deal!
I am also interviewing them and asking about their stories because together with this journey I’ve really gained a newfound curiosity about peoples stories and what is shaping us and our personalities. I will continue to do so during this trip and you can read about it under ‘people‘.  I am constantly updating the question since my interest changes and varies along every persons story. Just comment if you have a specific question you would like to know about someone else.

Right now and a lot of times before I’ve wondered how other people live their lives and what they are going through. My all or nothing personality aids me in asking some intense questions about life so I just hope i will be able to socially instill enough trust to have them answered. But every time I’ve been in my right mood, it hasn’t been a problem 😀

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      It might be to extensive to contain the subject inone post but we’ll definetly try! 😀

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