So, we are actually doing this

The preperations for this journey is yet to deal with because right now there is a lot of turbulence regarding everything. Feelings of uncertainty is bringing up a lot of feelings with me aswell as with Clara. Facing the reality of leaving everything is a breath-taking experience.
We are packing boxes, selling and giving away our belongings aswell as preparing for moving out. Only thing is that we are not moving in anywhere. I can surely say we are doubting a lot of decisions leading up to the now inevitable truth, that we will be without it all in less then a month.

It feels like the brain and the body is trying to protect itself from feeling insecurity and is desperatly trying to logicly argue with me. And believe me, it is some rock solid arguments that I would usually listen to. But I have made up my mind and this thing is happening!
I guess this is one of those traits you gain by doing it regularly. Making the body understand that uncertainty and fear doesnt necessarliy mean danger, and even if it would, it doesnt have to be bad.

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