What the fudge..?!

So warm, so hot, the sweat is just dripping as you go and your towel doesnt even help anymore. You drank the 3 litres water you had, the time is just 13.00… and you have 35km left. Just before lunch you get a flat tyre and the frustration is boiling over! It not the first time and definatly not the last..

We decided a place to go and it was just over the top more than once that day. But we were determined to go there. A lot of hills and crappy roads and the most unbelievable heat. I rode in flipflops and bathingshorts. Never again, the flipflops was the worst idea! Giving me sores and made it impossible to push uphill. Our bikes dried out, like the chain itself were so dry it started squeeking loudly!

A lot of spokes has gone and we dont quite know when we should fix them (other than ASAP) because we need to buy them first. Next time we’re getting a bunch!

At least we got to our destination, Jena! The sweetest village!
And our host, what a guy?!
Offering a room, a meal, beer and additional history regarding the town. And he sure know its history. He helped us find a dentist because of the toothache Clara’s been having the last two days. His friends also came along for a tour around town were we also got recommendation for what to do and what to try!

We even got in on a traditional secret being kept for over 250 years. Like wow, we really had a compensational evening after what seemed to be one of the crappiest days ever (even though every crappy day comes with beautiful moments aswell).

And the roadsis also getting better and better, we love that! <3

3 thoughts on “What the fudge..?!

  1. Fabrice BERTRAND Reply

    I miss you…! …Today afternoon I came back home and all the times when I saw somebody in bike I thought of you ! 😉
    I saw you had some problem (flat tyre) … C´est la vie, l´Aventure with good and (less) moments !! You know: Never give up …you can do it !
    Good Luck/ Bonne chance…in France people say sometimes: “Merde” It´s to wish : BONNE CHANCE, too !!
    See you, Fabrice

    • changingthestory Post authorReply

      Fabrice, we miss you too! You are one of our special persons we met along the way, who really made a lasting impression. Ypu are with us in this trip, we can absolutley feel it. We will never give up, and we know you aswell have the power to never give up. We think of you every time we eat avocado and watermelon <3 Love too YOU!

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