Dresden and new friends

Arriving in dresden was as wierd as leaving bydgoszcz in Poland. A huge forest and nature-reserve where we biked for at least an hour. Then we went down a hill a whoopa! We’re in the town now, like literally behind a big house in middle of town where the trams passed by every ten minutes. So absurd!

The feeling of just having downhill all the way to our booked hostel was just amazing even though we were hungry and sweaty. We made some really stupid crossings because of not thinking straight but we made it alright. Even conflicts due to being afraid of these stupid decisions broke out. It’s not the first time and we reassured each other we are just hungry. And after a load of turns we arrived. And what a sight!
What a sight… like the crummy neighborhood I hung around in growing up, with a sense of not completely honest people around we stood outside a little door into the hostel.

Inside the manager greeted us most helpfully, upgraded our room for free, and wanted to explain all town. I don’t remember much at all but he talked for a couple of minutes before our German straight forwardness just expressed that we wanted to shower and eat before listening anymore.
Carrying the bags into the hostel feels like a story itself. In short we just carried bags for like 20 minutes. People in hostels usually have a backpack and maybe a rollable bag. We have around 8 big bags and at least 10 more bags/things big enough to take up one hand each.
It was at least filling up the room and raising some eyebrows 😀 when done we asked Martin the manager to repeat just the closest food bar and went there straight away. When we got back we showered and then. Then we had arrived!
We took a stroll around the neighborhood wich was very good for young people because everything was there in like 5 minutes walk and the nightlife was really alive! We then planned the day after and went back to the hostel where we met a group of backpackers from Canada and USA. We hooked up and followed each other to a festival closeby wich wasn’t exactly what we thought it was and returned to the hostel.

We got to sleep pretty early and slept like a king and a queen in real beds!
Clara woke up to her birthday and all day was before us. Unfortunately we had to do some repairing of the bikes and washing the tent. Maybe not the favorite thing to do but it is kind of important when you miss 6 spokes in the same wheel and the tent is starting to mold after a 5 days of raining and packing the tent wet.

Well finished with our tasks and a trip to a famous church, we ate the most tasty food we could imagine! At ayers rock, and for a while we felt we had reached our destination Australia 😀

We later hooked up with all our roommates for some Indian food and celebration of Clara. Then we bought her a cake, wine and candles. The most amazing people!

And back in the hostel we gathered a completely wonderful group of 15 travelers eating birthday cake, celebrating gratefulness and talking until early morning.

Next morning we had really connected with people and from the plan leaving at 09.00 we didn’t leave until 14.30. A lot of love was shared aswell as lunch and a yoga session in the park.

Thank you dresden and thank you friends! ❤ see you soon!


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