Map of our progress


What are we doing

  1. Leaving everything we have
  2. Bicycling from Sweden towards the future with next to nothing in budget.
  3. Using help as a currency instead of money
  4. Exploring the humbleness of relying on goodwill
  5. Documenting the experience

We are leaving our jobs, our home and our network to see what possibilities hides around the corner when we have nothing but ourselves. Australia is a general direction where we will be pointing our noses but first out is just getting ourselves a couple mindbreaking experiences.
Our budget for everything including equipment, since we had no gear before deciding this, is approximately 900$ each.

Why are we doing it

Working overtime everyday in a 9 to 5 job and sharing an apartment that is less then 30 sqm can be more than frustrating in the long run. Imagine this but also add the feeling of getting stuck since none of us are available to save anything on the salaries we currently have. …and we are living really cheap.
This is the life of so many people and I cannot emphasize it enough so I will just repeat it. So many people are living like this! Working their asses off with nothing to show for it except the feeling of going nowhere. The only option is changing job or working harder and in both cases you will lose your apartment since you will have to offer either time or health (wich means bills you cannot afford). Therefor you lose everything you know. The security, the certainty, the story you can predict…
This is probably not your situation but I am certain you can relate if you found your way to this blog.

And if the story is changing, why not change it ourselves?
Why not see what happens if we one day just left it all. Perhaps we will be able to spend time doing what we really want. Since our current situation ain’t allowing a lot of leisure and free time anyway.
We are going to explore what happens when you voulonterly leave the grid. We are examining the opportunities and possibilities that arises from just closing one door and opening another.

Hopefully our experiences are beyond positive and just perhaps our blog can inspire you to change your story.